How to sell your ManyChat templates securely

ManyChat is the premiere Messenger marketing tool. Building and selling templates is a great way to help others using the tool in their business.

Using their Signal Use link option provides you a way to securely share your templates. This plugin gives you the ability to automatically generate the single use links for each order. 

See how it works here: ManyChat Template Demo

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Secure your ManyChat templates today

Download it free . No registration needed. 


Before we get started you are going to need the following to proceed:

Installing The Plugin

Download the ManyChat Template Installer Plugin from here: PLUGIN

Navigate to your WordPress Plugins page and Add New

Click the Upload Plugin and navigate to the location that you just saved the plugin to. There is no need to unzip the file as Worpdress will do this for you.

Click Install Now and the follow up with Activating the plugin

Once you have activated the plugin you will have a new menu item located in your Settings

Connecting to ManyChat

Navigate to the ManyChat Template Installer.

Once there you will need to enter your Profile Scoped Public API key. You can find that here:

Paste in your API Key and Save the hard part is done!

Setting Up Your Single Use Template

If you have not created a ManyChat template before, you can follow this guide on how to create one:


If you already have a template ready to sell securely, let’s move on and set it up.

You can find all the ManyChat templates you have created here:


Locate the template you are planning to sell or offer for download. 


Change the Share this template with a  to a SINGLE-USE LINK

Locate your TEMPLATE ID in the URL string as indicated below: 

Selling Your Template

Now we are ready to create our link and sell our template

I will be using Easy Digital Downloads to demonstrate how this works but you can use any sort of digital delivery such as WooCommerce, Gumroad, SamCart, ThriveCart, Spiffy, etc.

You can see an example of the EDD here:

Let’s create a new Download product for your ManyChat template.

When we setup the File URL we will use a URL that the plugin you installed creates.

Your URL will look something like this:

Save your Download product and you are all set. 

With Easy Digital Downloads you can track download logs, limit the amount of times a person can download and know that your ManyChat template is secure.


Secure your ManyChat templates today

Download it free . No registration needed.